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. they are like family to us. >> elsewhere, some jobs, they were just too big for neighbors to hand. >> it looks like they came down here and that they have all these trees. >> the professional tree crews, taking the damage for the golf course. >> well, there's a lot of tree damage. it looks like they will have a clear lot instead of water right now. it looks like they won't survive and they will have to come down. >> despite the damage around them, they kept on playing. but the people, clearing trees, estimated that they will be out at it for at least a week. the roofers and carpenters have not started yet. >> back live now, you're looking at one of the big old maple trees back here. it is still laying up against the utility wires here. the tree completely uprooted. that's one of perhaps thousands of trees, the total numbers of trees down, and the total cost of all of this, it is still not added up yet. reporting live, in the county out there, nine news now and >> all right, scott, thank you for that. tony is in for copper and he's on the terrace for your forecast first on monday. >>
. he spoke to us by phone from new york. >> mr. shriver was really an authentic american hero. the work that she did touched honestly millions and millions and millions of lives and when you look at the shriver family between special olympics and the peace corp. and best buddies, they really apit mize what public service is all about. mr. shriver was such a role model for so many people around the world, certainly in our local area and this is a huge loss for our community. >> she met him en he was a classmate. we have much more coverage of the life and legacy of eunice kennedy shriver on our website, attached to the story you'll find a slide show and the entire statement issued by the special olympics about her passing. >> a woman who went to check on a relative's cat end up the victim of rape. it pp haedenin loudoun county whe e erthedsheriff's departmen is looking for help in solving the case. peggy fox has the story. >> i can't believe something like this would happen. >> in this area. >> you wouldn't expect a crime like this to happen out here, where fiel
they captured a man accused of setting a woman on fire monday night. u.s. marshals found him in southeast washington. suray chin has more. >> a domestic fight got out of hand when 45-year-old james anderson set a woman on fire. >> it's hard to figure out or wonder why somebody would want to do that to somebody anyways. >> reporter: it happened monday night near culpeper, virginia. detectives say the 37-year-old woman was at the wheel. her 12-year-old daughter in the backseat, and anderson in e f i were fighting about, but it escalated into violence. the sheriff says anderson used some type of squeeze bottle, filled it up with flammable liquid and sprayed it on the woman while she was driving. >> she stopped the car, pulled it over on the shoulder. as she was getting out of the car, the suspect allegedly lit a match, threw it at her and set her clothing on fire. >> reporter: the inaccident is reminiscent of another high profile case. you'll recall evett was set on fire at her workplace. she was severely disfigured. >> it is unusual to have this type of situation, where somebody uses
contributed to us in our country. >> reporter: more than 50 of kennedy's colleagues plan to pay their respects here before saturday's funeral. all the living form of presidents are expected to attend the service and president obama will speak. >>> earlier, the kennedy family, they gathered for a private mass at the compound. and kennedy's wife, children, along with scores of nieces and nephews and grandchildren watched while this was placed in the hearse. they knew him as uncle teddy, but his aspirations touched young people who never met him. >> we should all be able to do something good if we feel like that is in the country and not just standby. >> reporter: the next few days will be filled with tributes. then the last kennedy brother will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. speaking at tomorrow night's private memorial service which is being built as a celebration of kennedy's vice president joe biden and vice republican john cain showing to force real friendships with the folks who didn't necessarily always agree with him. in boston, karen brown, nine news now and >
are looking for this man responsible for a roar -- rash of break ins in the belten area. police gave us these security cameras. if you recognize the suspect, police want to hear from you on their tip line, 703-228-4242. >>> the murder conviction of the mastermind behind the dc sniper attacks has been upheld. the federal appeals court rejected an appeal by john allen muhammad. mohammad was sentenced to death in 2003. today's ruling could clear the way for his execution. he and his accomplice killed ten people in the fall of 2002. malvo who was 16 at the time received a life sentence. >>> there's word tonight that eunice kennedy liver is in the hospital in critical condition. the 88-year-old sister of john f. kennedy is in a cape cod hospital. she is well-known for founding the special olympics. >>> an alarming fire that destroyed a mansion in chain bridge dc. we learned today that washington city government and the fire department don't know for sure what areas of the district maybe susceptible to the same kinds of water pressure problems that crippled firefighters last week. gary has th
be used to extract money from your account and put it into the accoun heofpe tople doing this. >> he recommends that people their systems, and update their antivirus software. in washington, i'm lindsey, 9news now and >> we should expect to see cyber attacks just like this one continue rather frequently. for more information about this cyber attack and for tips on how to protect your personal information, go to our website, and click on the twitter, facebook story. >>> president barack obama is headed to mcclane tonight to give a midsummer boost for creigh deeds. as peggy fox reports, there is a debate over whether a presidential visit would help or hurt. >> college students played a big role in electing barack obama. the first democratic candidate to win in virginia in 40 years. but the president's approval numbers have been slipping. >> our economy is struggling. i know he inherited it from bush, but he hasn't done anything in my view to necessarily strengthen that yet. he is a lot like the old system. it's not the change that people expected. >> even stude
and they are unable to use rate payer's money to fix hydrants on private property. but on nebraska these are public hydrants. they flow less than 500 gallons of water per minute. july 29th there was a fire at former school board president's home. look at the satellite image of the home i e reen and screen and it to the corawling land home ndse mplex. or the natiol atbyesprterian chch es church or the japanese embassy property or the nbc building. >> so why are these hydrants like this. they haven't given us an answer and suggested we call the fire department. the fire department points out there are some private hydrants at the department of homeland security and nbc. they haven't been tested yet. the fire department said some of the businesses have sprinklers. they recommended to increase the standard. instead of 1000 gallons per minute brought to a complex to this that they bring 2000 gallons per minute and be able to do it within 500 feet from the structure. that's far from the case on nebraska avenue on this half mile stretch. back to you. >> dave statter live in northwest, dc. thank you for th
they attended kennedy's big 75th birthday bash in his backyard. she also told us senator kennedy was a devoted pet owner. >> he loves the dogs and then one day, my little terrier went running into his front door when the door was open. but he was very gracious about it all and he was saying oh, he is so cute. made a big fuss over the dog. said he is going to steal him or something like that. >> when she went to mass, her church offered prayers and memory of the massachusetts senator. >>> local members of congress are also remembering senator kennedy tonight. maryland senator released a statement saying quote, senator kennedy drew people to him because he truly liked people and was genuinely interested in their lives. he brought out the best in those around him. house majority leader called edward kennedy one of the most dynamic and influential legislators in our nation's history. and his legacy will live on in the work of the colleagues he inspired and in the lives of the millions of americans for whom his passion for social justice made a difference. >> senator kennedy said guaranteeing hea
's widow victoria and his only surviving sister jean greeted morners. jesse jackson praised him. >> he used every ounce to make the biggest impact. >> reporter: many will share their admiration for kennedy from his niece caroline to his colleagues in the senate. wit johnson, cbs news, boston. >> tonight's memorial service begins at 7:00. senator kennedy's funeral takes place tomorrow morning at 10:30. his body is scheduled to arrive at andrews air force base tomorrow afternoon. his motorcade will travel up independence avenue and stop at the steps of the u.s. capitol around 4:30 and then the private burial service at arlington national cemetery is expected to begin at 5:30. >>> in some ways president kennedy chose the final resting place for himself and his two brothers. bruce leshan has more on that part of the story. >> before john kennedy's assassination, arlington was largely known as a military cemetery but the gravesites of the martyred president and his brother president are the most visited sites in the garden of stone monuments to merge's fallen heros. on veteran's day, just before
of the mckelden library on campus drive. we're told that package was some sort of homemade water weight used by scuba divers. the scene has been cleared. >>> a powerful explosion rocked a hyattsville apartment complex this morning, and it's all being blamed on residents trying to get rid of bugs. >> blast happened at the quincy manor apartments in hyattsville, and that's where digital correspondent scott broom is live tonight to pick up the story. what happened, scott? >> reporter: well, it was insecticide foggers, or bug bombs, just like these. you can buy them at any hardware store, that are to blame for all this, except that the resident of the two-bedroom apartment behind me had seven set off inside the apartment, and somehow the fumes came in contact with a pilot light, land was an explosion. >> it was like a bomb. those people in my building heard it in the back. >> reporter: jerome frye stunned by what he witnessed, when a two-bedroom ground floor apartment exploded at about 10:15 this morning. >> i saw them coming out of the apartment, as they step on the step. i saw the whole apartm
u.s.s. cole. and muhamed was told he would have children killed if any attacks happened on u.s. soil and the mock executions were used in a secret prison in an effort to get information out of suspected terrorists and the new details were in a c.i.a. document written in 2004 but just made public. two former agency directors tried to keep it under wraps. a c.i.a. spokesperson called the report's revelation ancient history, and insists the agents involved in using those questionable tactics have already been disciplined. but officials here at the justice department are launching their own investigation. attorney general eric holder has assigned a federal prosecutor to look into whether or not c.i.a. officials or contractors broke the law when they used harsh interrogation techniques. as the new details about allegations of abuse were revealed, the white house announced it is changing the way terror suspects are questioned. the obama administration has created a new interrogation unit, led by the fbi instead of the c.i.a. former agency official bob bar says that is a good idea. >> nothi
into the noon hour. and the digital correspondent, they have been following this story all day long, joining us now with the latest. >> reporter: about a dozen huge piles of newly harvested hay like what you see behind me, still smoldering, they were torched overnight by someone planning to do major destructions. it was also damaging several mailboxes with unsuspecting residence sleeping inside. it's not the kind of wakeup call you would want to get. >> reporter: frightened homeowners woken up. stpwhr we feel pretty safe in our neighborhood. something like this is a little alarming. >> reporter: by daybreak, more than a dozen hay bails were torched on the road. that's so much more disturbing. >> the smoke was thick at times that police shut down kings valley road. and with no fire hydrants in this rural part of the county, the fire crews were on edge. they might have traveled to some occupied homes to where the people were sleeping and could have been tragic. >> reporter: now that team of arson and police investigators met for several hours this afternoon. what we've been able to find out so fa
he failed four sobriety tests and blew a .19. nearly two and a halftimes the legal limit. >> he used bad judgment, drank too much, got behind the wheel of a car and he has paid what i think is a disproportionate price for it. >> reporter: his virginia driving privileges are suspended, resigned as police chief and will have to pay a $300 fine. he dodged the cameras here at the courthouse but put out a statement that said he will be forever haunted by personal embarrass and humiliation. he repeated his apology to the woman he hit who suffered whiplash and had to be rushed to the hospital. >> up until three weeks ago, he was the public face of law enforcement and he would rather not be the public face of somebody who has gotten a dwi and is going to jailer. >> reporter: he warned the former chief if he got in to anymore trouble she could send him back to jail for another six months. bruce leshan, 9 news now and >> the arlington sheriff has promised him the former police chief will be held separately to protect him from other prisoners. >>> sky 9 over the scene of a five car p
it because we're in a close-knit family. the guy held us off this long to endure whatever. they moved onto this section, giving up on the moment on that one spot where the shoes are discovered. but there are about that much of the section of the roadway here. they alerted them during the day today. so now the crews, they are going to come back tomorrow and check out that spot in hopes of finding more. in fort washington, >>> we have breaking news to tell you about. well, for the second time today, atgrp of kids, hathey ve been h enppeyhainkelig that. happening near the nature clinic out there. they were taken from here a minnesota ago on that spot, here with the boys and the girls club on tour, apparently , when they stumbled upon that guy. a total of 14 children were stung. none of them with allergies. and that is just a sign out there. in the meantime, they hope to uphold all of them. >>> another group of youngsters were stung. they were from st. stevens out there and alexandria. they were out on what was suppose to be just the nature of walks. she was visiting the park and
. but that alone is not a reason for us to deny compassion to him. >> he said megrahi may die sooner or live longer, but it will happen in his home country of libya. a family in maryland, we'll hear how the family is reacting on 9news now at 11:00. in the information center, scott broome, 9news now. >>> now to montgomery county where police are upping the antito try and catch an arsonist. >> they are looking for the person who torched those bails of hay early monday morning. it is information they are willing to pay for. audrey barnes joins us now live. it is still smoldering two days later. >> reporter: the farmer who owns all of that hay that you see behind me says it can smolder for a month or more. he has to figure out a way to remove all of this charred debris without damaging his trucks or put his workers at risk. montgomery county police are offering a $1,000 reward for information that helps them catch the arsonist. >> reporter: it all looks the same to fifth generation farmer, roy stanley. surveying the damage today was his daughter. that's his livelihood going up in flames. thes
lolly opt the digital correspondent, joining us live from out there and what will e venn dually be the start -- eventually be the starting point for this purple line. >> the governor, they say that the light rail, they are the locally preferred option. but nine news, they have this letter on behalf of the 15,000 households, and dozens of communities who say that their voices, they have not been heard. >> opponents of the purple line say this is what's at stake. three miles of the capitol trail which is lined with 17 acres of the mature trees. a lot of them would have to come down and the trail, they closed and rebuilt with the purple line running right beside it. >> to envision that and trains running, along side the trail, they are just hard to imagine. how that would be any fun at all to anybody on trail. >> a very big bill. >> and you know, you bypass all the heavy traffics. >> reporter: but the east, west purple line, linking them to silver spring, to the university of maryland, and onto out there, they have many supporters too. tp-rbz and even among the trail users. >> i me
storm is so big that they will get us pretty good surf and perhaps showers along the coast. here let me om in, betting you back up to date. and that is wednesday, a category three. and then thursday, now we're getting into friday. winds are 125 miles per hour, all in the cases are, it'll two just in between bermuda and the coast and the storm is so big it'll atpebt us with the rip tide and showers. we'll talk about anna not as strong buzz they may do more daniel to florida. we'll talk about that coming up. >>> thank yo . >> they have more from the florida beach and the florida panhandle. >> reporter: the panhandle motel, weather tropical storms out there pretty well. >> that is a soccer punch. >> reporter: but now a heavy wade is brewing in the atlantic, bill, the first hurricane of the season. >> bill will go north and hook and don't do any damage. >> they crashed through the bottom floors, despite his 12-foot sea walls. >> as it comes in, it is just like a bulldozer, pushing the glass inform. all the debris from the hurricane, all of the trash and sand is going to go right here
. i don't know what that was. i used drugs before 1990, cocaine. i know other politicians that use dangerous. the fact is they spent $25 to $40 million setting me up. that's a fact. >> reporter: what would have happened if you had put your hat and coat on and left the vista hotel that day? >> they would have found a way to do it. i take one responsibility -- my taxes. i'm the sole blamer for that. >> reporter: he said there's no concern about probes in the contract, the current contract. he says this may be his last year in office. christopher barry, his son, wants no parts of politics, even though his father would like him to be in them. >> people who have seen this documentary say one of the most moving seens is the interview with his -- scenes is his interview with his former wife. >>> president obama wrapped up a summit in mexico. as joel brown reports, questions about health care brought the president back here home. >> reporter: president obama and his counterparts from canada and mexico promise they will work together to bring better economic times to the north american cont
. including the water use and the food, there was a team breakfast. officials say there's no suspicion of a prank or anything illegal. >> great group of people. >> parents say they trust the coaches here. school officials say a heat management policy requires mandatory water breaks during practices. thursday's heat index combined heat and humidity was over 100 degrees. if the investigation continues and the players back on the feet, they are planning to travel to the lower eastern shore tomorrow to play a scrimmage. >>> three firefighters were injured in a two alarm blaze. the firefighters are still trying to figure out what caused it. >>> dc students go back to school on monday but not all the schools may be ready for the students. digital correspondent kristin fisher is live in northeast dc where some parents are speaking out. kristin, what are they concerned about? >> well, our cameras were not allowed inside the school. you can see part of the problem by standing outside. look at these big pieces of my wood. they are covering large holes in the big exterior of the school and that's
officers this morning. on the bw parkway, a u.s. park police officer was making a traffic stop when his cruiser was rear ended by an out of control truck. the officer was thrown under the cruiser, which skidded 40 feet before coming to a stop. remarkbly, the officer survived. two other drivers were hurt, but they are expected to be okay. the southbound lane it is between route 197 and powder mill road were closed for much of the morning rush. >>> and in virginia, a state trooper with injured after an early morning crash. officers were chasing a suspected drunken driver on route 110 when the trooper hit a jersey wall. the suspect got away. the trooper's injuries were minor. >>> in maryland, a charles county man is now charged with first-degree child abuse resulting in death. myron was taken into custody for the death of tyrese wade. wade was found dead in his home in the 3,000 block last week. gibson was the boyfriend of the child's mother. the resident is being held in the charles county detention center without bond. >>> one day after we learn the death of michael jackson has officiall
for using a crosswalk here in montgomery county in broad daylight. reporting live from montgomery county police headquarters, scott broom, 9news now and >> all right, scott. >>> they flew over a townhouse fire this morning. the flames broke out around 7. and the 100 block of victoria square. one person taken to the hospital with no words yet on what caused that fire. >> the six grade girls have until this friday to either get to the vaccines or turn into a form saying that they are opting out. officials say that girls who don't do either will be held out of class. they are the first in the nation to encourage six grade girls to get vaccinated for the sexually transmitted cervical cancer-causing virus. now in virginia, they are being asked to bring in documentations if they got the vaccines. if they don't, they will show that they did not get that shot for their daughters. no problem to report on their first day back-to-school students in montgomery and howard county. as they report, therthe was a p rally-like atmosphere at one local high school. >> it is the first day of schoo
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21